In the Beeyard

[img src=]3971Alayna
[img src=]2640Apple Blossoms
[img src=]2030Bee in action
[img src=]2220Inspecting the hives.
[img src=]2080Catching a swarm.
[img src=]2211Comb honey.
[img src=]2620Lilly helping with extraction.
[img src=]2400Lily working the smoker.
[img src=]2150Orientation flight.
[img src=]1850The bee yard.
[img src=]2040The queen is the larger bee in the middle.
[img src=]1890Beeswax candles.
[img src=]2200State fair winner!
[img src=]2100Honey sticks
[img src=]2100Scandia Farmers Market
[img src=]2130Stop by and visit us at Stellas
[img src=]2150A "beary" nice thank you gift!
[img src=]2070Custom bears for all occasions