The Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI) is starting a NEW Beekeeping Certificate Program taught by Mike Mackiewicz, Owner of Bone Lake Meadows Apiary.  Learn the details and seasonal steps for beekeeping from building your hives to harvesting honey and making mead. This year WEI is offering an exciting and comprehensive beekeeping class which  consists of 9 classes which meet every 4th Sunday at the WEI Amador Hill Farm and Orchard starting on February 26th.

Class schedule: Feb 26: Introduction and Overview of the Beekeeping Class
March 26:  Building Hives Boxes and Frames/Equipment Overview
April 23:  Setting up Hives and Installing Bees/ Splitting Second-Year Hives
May 28:  Hive Day/Planning Flower Power for Pollinators
June 25: Hive Day/ Assessing Honey in the Hives
July 23:  Hive Day/Mite Controls
Aug 27:  Extracting Honey
Sept.24:  Making Mead
Oct. 22:  Winterizing the Hives

Review CLASS FLYER: WEI Class Flyer 

For more details and to register go to and click on Upcoming Events.